Curious? Learn about Crossrope from its creator, Dave Hunt

Crossrope is about training harder and training smarter.  I’m obsessed with self-improvement, mentally and physically.  I can’t stand the thought of myself today not being better than yesterday

You know, I’d jumped rope for years as a small part of my training, but really got into it during my deployments as a pilot the Navy.  I was constantly looking for faster ropes, heavier ropes …even faster heavy ropes because I needed that challenge…that next level.  I broke a lot of ropes.  Expensive ropes.  And I bought more.  I could overlook my frustration with the ropes I used because jumping is something that I loved to do, but I was always looking for something better.

I should mention I like to lift heavy in my workouts, as well.  I’d been coached on good bench press form, but seemed to forget that during a workout in 2011 when I completely tore my pectoralis major.  Trying to sleep while sitting up, hopped up on painkillers was pretty demoralizing.  What better time to try to create a skipping rope system though, right?

I’ve always had a passion for jumping.  From basketball and volleyball in high school to high jump, long jump, and triple jump at the Naval Academy.  I wanted to take a chance and try to come up with a product that aligned with my passion. Crossrope is a small, but growing concept in the fitness community and it wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of so many supporters.  I’m excited to continue sharing my vision of this new concept of interchangeable skipping rope training and building a community of jumpers that are dedicated to improving themselves and others in all pursuits.

We are proud to be partnering with VIVO Fitness as our partners across Australia and the Middle East.

I hope you enjoy.

Dave Hunt

Crossrope Creator


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