The Crossrope 2.0 provides training benefits for all kinds of athletes, from weightlifters,body builders  to boxers and even individuals who practice martial arts. Whether you have used skipping rope before or not, Crossrope brings a new dimension to any training programme.

Crossrope 2.0 is the latest in skipping rope  training, the unique design of the handles and inter changeable weighted cables make this skipping rope system versatile and a must for any athlete looking for a challenge or to improve overall fitness. The detachable, ball bearing handles offer smooth rotations and speed, and the variety of weighted cables can easily be changed, each one offering a different workout.

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Normal skipping rope training will tone legs, calves, bum and inner core, yet if you are using Crossrope you get all of these benefits plus toning for biceps, triceps and shoulders. Other benefits from Crossrope training include burning fat, increase in strength, coordination, endurance and athleticism, from which you will see the results quicker and more effective than many other training techniques.

The best thing about this piece of equipment is that it is practical, and can be used anywhere, so you never have to miss a workout. Training with the Crossrope provides a Cardio, full-body toning workout that can supplement the gym, and can also be used at the gym within your training programme.

CrossRope 2.0 Middle East - Speed Set
Crossrope 2.0  Speed Set

Here at Crossrope we have lighter skipping ropes, such as the Speed 2.0 cable, which is for speed jumping, and used by boxers for stamina, footwork, endurance and breathing efficiency. For bodybuilders however, and any athlete that wants to keep progressing, the weighted cables are a great addition to your fitness program. For example, if you are training with barbells, you can keep adding weights to progress, as your body adapts. With normal skipping ropes there is no progression and once your body has got used to it, the benefits are less. With Crossrope weighted cables, you can always challenge your body and continue to develop your fitness.

“With a series of ropes, your body has constant challenges. Your muscles, your coordination and your timing are constantly put to the test. Once you get quick with speed, you challenge yourself to get quick with a heavy rope. Now, you are stronger, more powerful, more versatile.” – David Hunt, Crossrope founder.

According to, there has been a limited number of studies on weighted  skipping ropes suggesting that it has the potential to boost shoulder strength and mobility, besides the better-known full-body athletic benefits. To see the full review of our product click here >

A normal skipping rope is more of a cardiovascular tool, not really to build muscles. However with a weighted skipping rope, your upper body strength and power will improve.

“Performing short sets of weighted skipping rope helps you build more muscle mass, and adding muscle burns more body fat,” says David Hunt.

“You’ll not only add more muscle mass, but you’ll also get leaner.”

On our website we are constantly offering instructional videos and challenges that will help you with your Crossrope equipment. Check out our Skill and Training Videos to see videos made by our Crossrope experts to learn or perfect jump rope skills. Get lots of tips and training techniques, and learn how get the most out of your Crossrope equipment.

We have 3 combo sets available, each for specific training needs. A good one to maximize your  upper body strength is the Brute 2.0 Set, which contains the strong Rugged handles, and two heavy weight cables, the 1.25lb Power cable and the 2.00lb Strength cable.

To order any Crossrope equipment, visit our shop. For any inquiries do not hesitate to contact us.

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