Jump Rope Partner Workout: Race For Time


Since so many of you enjoyed our last partner workout, we put together another one for you! BUT in this workout you're not working together, you're competing AGAINST each other. This fun little jump rope competition is all about speed and endurance. It comprises of a sequence of bodyweight and jump rope exercises that you and your partner are going to run through as quickly as you can... Got a jump rope partner? Good. Let's see who can get through this workout faster...

Tools for this Workout

Here are the tools you're going to need for today's workout: > Crossrope Set - get the Crossrope Starter Set (We're using the 1/4 Lb Agility rope) > A timer - use your smartphone or stopwatch > Some space to jump - We'll be jumping indoors The Starter Set is the best way to introduce yourself to heavy jump rope training. The set comes with two ropes - the light black 1/4 Lb Agility rope and the heavy orange 1 Lb Intensity rope. For this workout, we'll be using the light black 1/4 Lb Agility rope.

The Crossrope Starter Set is the perfect introduction to weighted jump rope training.

Jump Rope Partner Workout (Race For Time)

Today's partner workout is simple and is NOT about working together! In this workout, you and your partner will decide on a sequence of jump rope and bodyweight exercises that you'll both attempt to complete as quickly as you can. The goal is to see who can get through the exercises faster. Can you rest? Of course! But doesn't mean your partner will... Here's the sequence of exercises we used:

  • 100 basic jumps
  • 80 alternate foot jumps
  • 60 jump rope jacks
  • 40 double unders
  • 20 burpees

Watch the video below to see who finished first when we attempted this partner workout:

Grab your Starter Set here.

Important tips and resources to keep in mind for this workout:

If you're just getting started, take a look at out our complete jump rope guide for beginners - it covers everything you need to know to learn how to jump rope properly.

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