Everything You Need To Know About Crossrope

Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions about our Crossropes. If you still cannot find the answer to your issues in our FAQ please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Q: How are the Next Gen Infinity Ropes different from the First Gen Ropes

A: The new improvements from the First Generation to the Next Generation Infinity Ropes are:

  1. New ceramic ball bearings
  2. New connection to the handles and ropes,
  3. Upgraded coating to provide more protection from abrasive surfaces
  4. New grip material on the handles.

Q: Will the NEXT GENERATION Infinity Ropes work with both the Slim and Power Handles?

A: YES. The Next Generation Slim and Power handles can be used with all 4 ropes in the Next Generation Infinity Series. Though please note, the Power handles have been designed for a more comfortable grip experience for the heavier 1 and 2 lb ropes

Q: What's the benefit of using a Crossrope System? (Using more than 1 Crossrope)

A: The benefit of having a system (2 or more cables) is that you can easily vary your training style.  Are you a beginner?  It’s easier to learn on mid-weight ropes like the Explode and Stamina. Want to train speed and quickness? Use a lighter cable. Want to train strength and stamina? Use a medium or heavy weight cable. These options all give a distinctly different training advantages. As you build up strength and skill with progressively larger cables you will notice incredible gains in fitness ability, whether it is upper body functional strength with the heavy cables or double under stamina. In these ways, a system offers a huge advantage over a single jump rope for any training and fitness goals.

Q: Which Crossrope set should I get?

A: This really depends on your training goals and your budget. If you include rope jumping as an integral part of your workout routine, we do recommend The Crossrope Premium Set. There is no comparable system out there and it gives you an incredible range of training options, both indoor and outdoor. However, it is an investment and there are great lower priced options if you’re looking for an introduction to weighted and adjustable ropes.

The Starter Set is the a popular combo because it provides a high quality speed rope with a heavier weight option so you can still garner the benefits of drastically varied jump rope training.

The Bolt Set is our most cost effective option, with a one-size fits all approach and varied weight options.

Q: How do I determine my ideal Crossrope size?

A: Please try out our easy-to-use Size Chart.  If you still have questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Q: What if I order the wrong size?

A: We’ve had a very high success rate for customers who have used our Size Chart, particularly customers that have a rope to measure for reference. If your cables seem too short at first, make sure that you watch our videos (or others on YouTube) to ensure that you are using proper technique with tight elbows. We want you to improve! If your rope is still too short or too long, our absolute top priority is customer satisfaction so please send us an e-mail and we’ll exchange sizes.

Q: Can Crossrope cables be used for outdoors?

A: We do not recommend them for outdoor use unless you have some sort of rubberized pad or mat, or even cardboard to jump on. Crossrope cables are intended for non-abrasive indoor surfaces. In order to safely benefit from the high-performance nature of steel cable, there is a vinyl coating to provide some protection and to prevent the cables from crimping. The sacrifice for this high performance is that the vinyl will wear down if it is used outdoors on unprotected surfaces. If you do opt to use the cables outdoors, you can expect the vinyl to wear down. However, the cable core itself is durable enough to remain intact and prevent the cable from snapping.

Q: Will these ropes hurt me if they hit me? What are the pros and cons of using a cable jump rope?

A: Cable ropes can hurt or injure if used improperly or if you are not jumping in control. We recommend wearing athletic shoes, preferably with some support in front of your toes if you are prone to striking your toes with your rope. One advantage of cable ropes is that they are the fastest jump ropes available. The steel core makes them very durable and complete breakage is very rare. We strongly recommend jumping on non-abrasive indoor surfaces to protect your joints and extend the life of your cable coating which will eventually wear through from normal use.

Q: It looks like some of the coating wore off my cable.Is this normal?

A: Although you can greatly increase the life of the coating by jumping on non-abrasive surfaces like foam or rubber, the PVC or nylon coating will eventually wear off. It will wear off faster on asphalt, concrete and grated plastic.  One benefit of the Crossrope System is that you can replace these high performance ropes for a fraction of the cost of replacing a full high quality jump rope since a new rope can be purchased individually and can be easily clipped on.  Some of our customers also choose to wrap the worn area of the rope in a strong tape.  If the steel cable is exposed or starts to fray, stop using your rope and consider a replacement.  To find out more about use and care, click HERE.

Q: Why do the handles seem big and heavy?

A: The Crossrope 2.0 handles are over 20% lighter and the clips are much smaller than the original design.  However, they are still larger than many standard jump ropes.  There are lots of speed ropes out there that have very light handles. Crossrope is not a speed rope. It is a jump rope system that gives you excellent training versatility with interchanging cable weights. While our speed ropes are very fast, the true strength of the system is in the heavier ropes and ability to change them based on your training goals.

Q: Will using heavier cables throw off my timing for double unders with the jump rope I'm using now?

A. One great thing about Crossrope is its versatility in helping you truly train in a constantly varied manner. In the short term, your body will undergo adaptation and experience fatigue levels beyond what you are accustomed to with jump roping and this may temporarily affect your timing. However, as your body adapts to the greater force demands and different timing, you will ultimately become better at double unders through an entire range of weights and athletic capabilities with both Crossrope and any alternate speed rope you use!

Q: Can I bring Crossrope in my carry on bag at the airport?

A: We do know of instances were Crossrope cables have been confiscated by airport security officials.  We recommend that you pack your Crossrope in checked baggage.

Q: When will my ropes be delivered?

A: You can view Australia Post’s estimated delivery times here. Simply input ‘3926’ in the ‘from’ field, then pick your intended suburb or postcode and you will be directed to estimated delivery times. Please allow an additional 1-2 days for us to get the package to Australia Post.


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