Our unique system lets you quickly and easily switch between light ropes for endurance and HIT and heavy ropes for strength and power. Choose your own ropes or let our app workouts guide you.


Meticulous engineering resulted in our most durable ropes to date so you can take your workouts anywhere on any surface.

Fast Clip Connection System

Fast clip system allows you to quickly and easily clip in different weights of ropes for a more versatile and effective workout.

Ergonomic Easy-Grip Handles

Our sleek and ergonomic handles are easy to grip and comfortable to hold, giving you more control during your sweat-inducing high intensity workouts..

High-Performance Bearings

High-performance precision steel bearings provide a smooth, uniform rotation on every jump which means fewer trip-ups and a more fun and engaging workout.

Weighted Ropes

Crossrope’s range of weighted ropes offer a full-body workout for all skill and fitness levels.

Proprietary Rope Coating

Our proprietary coating gives our ropes the durability to withstand use on any surface.

Love your ropes or your money back.

Try them for 30 days, risk-free.

Change your mind? No sweat!

Send them back in any shape.

Free AU return shipping.

Full refund.


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Awesome stepped my game up love em!

I can’t get enough of jumping now. I have a serious objective of getting fit for a big powder ski trip in Canada in 6 months. I’m 250lbs and I’d like to get down to 210/205 by March. The first day I started I couldn’t walk for the next 3 days because my calves were shot. But I stuck with it. I did the 14 day challenge and now am on the 30 day. It’s amazing how good I feel during the day after a jump. I hate workouts but this is fun and challenging and you can see the difference of how well you jump consistently.

Easily the BEST ropes I ever used!!!

The best ropes I’ve ever used! I’m still trying to master the heavy ropes as my wrists are sometimes just giving up but the feeling after is priceless.

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Review for Get Lean Set

The ropes are perfect! Makes me feel like a kid again!

Review for Get Strong Set

The set makes a solid and highly qualitative impression. Both ropes fit tightly into the well cushioned handles. These ropes are the best ones I ever used. I would recommend them as their quality justifies their price. It makes fun to work out with such a good system of weighted ropes! I think that the “Get Strong” set, especially the black rope, is quite challenging compared to the “Get Lean” one. They can be well combined and enhance my workouts.

Review for Get Lean Set

Excellent jump ropes.

Review for Get Lean Set

I ordered these ropes knowing they could be returned for a full refund if I was not completely satisfied with them. I knew from the very first workout that I was keeping them. Quality made and they do not tangle. I have already recommended them to friends.

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