Experience Crossrope 2020

Discover the improvements we've made to our most popular jump rope sets.


We’ve re-engineered our patented jump rope handles with smart design principles to give you a better workout. Get the smoothest jump rope experience with zero clicking or recoiling.

NEW: Our (2020) handles are now backed by a lifetime warranty.

The new Crossrope 2020 handles use a smaller, but stronger fast clip connection that is still compatible with all our previous ropes. Quickly and easily switch between the light ropes and heavy ropes for a quick and effective full-body workout.

Our 2020 handles are lighter and shorter with the most comfortable grip yet.


Download our free workout app to access hundreds of workouts wherever you go this holiday season.

“As great as the Crossrope is design, the app gives me quick (and sometimes brutal) workouts that are actually fun. I don’t ever see myself getting bored with Crossrope.” – Gary

Listen in as Crossrope CEO, Dave Hunt, explains the improvements we've made with Crossrope (2020).


Love your ropes or your money back.

Try them for 60 days, risk-free.

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Send them back in any shape.

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Full refund.


Our Crossrope (2020) jump rope sets come with our new 2020 handle designs that have been re-engineered to give you a smoother, more enhanced jumping experience. The new handles utilize smart design principles to completely eliminate recoil and clicking while new textured latches make it easier and faster to swap ropes during a workout. We’ve also made the handles shorter, lighter, and more ergonomic to minimize blisters for new and experienced jumpers. Apart from the handle designs, we have also made some fun upgrades to our packaging, carry pouches, and more!

Yes! Our new Slim (2020) and Power (2020) handles are fully compatible with your existing Get Lean and Get Strong ropes, as well as our Speed LE ropes.

All of our ropes are sized to your height. The recommended user height ranges are provided on all of our product pages. For further guidance, see our sizing page here.

Yes! Our Crossrope (2020) Slim and Power handles are covered by our new lifetime warranty. That means if you ever experience any issues with your new (2020) handles, our support team will provide you with a replacement right away. Please note that our previous generation handles and limited edition handles are still covered by our 2 year warranty.

For those of you who are purchasing our ropes as a gift, you can be sure that if your gift receiver needs a size or product exchange, we’ll be there to help. See our See our Exchange and Return Policy


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Review for GET LEAN (2020)

I bought this for my now exwife , she had gained a lot of weight. i tried everything and spent so much money to get her into shape including this skipping rope. she tried it for 10 mins and gave up afterwards. The next day she had a sore leg and the next day she complained it was too loud and she couldnt watch her shows while using. that afternoon i called my lawyer to divorce her , 9 months later she is still fat and now i am dating a fit lady. i regift this for her which she loves. Thank you

Review for GET LEAN (2020)

I bought this for my now exwife , she had gained a lot of weight. i tried everything and spent so much money to get her into shape including this skipping rope. she tried it for 10 mins and gave up afterwards. The next day she had a sore leg and the next day she complained it was too loud and she couldnt watch her shows while using. that afternoon i called my lawyer to divorce her , 9 months later she is still fat and now i am dating a fit lady. i regift this for her which she loves. Thank you

Review for GET LEAN (2020)

I have been using the Lean Set for a couple of months learning the basic jump. I was one of those that jumped twice instead of once. I started at 5 mins as Jump Rope Dudes recommended, watched Dave Hunt, Crossrope CEO learner videos and have seen great improvement in correctly holding the crossrope and speed. I just put music and the timer on for 15 mins and away I go – it’s definitely a HITT workout. I can hear my heart beat when I’ve finished! I look forward to increasing my rope jumping to 30 mins and learning other variations…

Crossrope Australia were great in answering questions and keeping me updated with my order. Well worth the price.

Review for 1/4 LB Jump Rope

I love my cross rope. I own a get lean set, with a 6oz rope on the way. I watched with shock today to see the rope coating on my 1/4 lb rope gave way. I’ve only had the set since April 2020. Quite disappointed, as I’ve only ever used them on a rubber mat. The website says they are durable to be used on any surface, but mine hasn’t lasted even for 3 months.

Review for WODprep Jump Rope Set

Addicted to my Crossrope ropes! Especially love the handles and the fact that the ropes don’t tangle (so annoying with previous speed ropes!!). Bought the get lean set to get started, WODPrep and now waiting on my get strong set to arrive, can’t wait. My get lean set helped me get through the COVID-19 Iso, especially on those days when I didn’t want to train so i would do a jump rope challenge instead! I seriously think it shows in my fitness level on my return to crossfit now that the gyms are open; my legs are definitely stronger too!! Some people might find the cost restrictive but they are worth it! Great customer service too!! Thanks Crossrope Aus!!

Review for 1/4 LB Jump Rope

Love my rope! Excellent customer service. Excellent quality rope and fun jumping. Best rope and handles I’ve ever had. No tangling at all. Thank you! I have the small size 1/2pound rope with the strength handles. Very happy with the set!!

Review for GET LEAN (2020)

When I saw these ropes on the jump rope dudes channel on youtube I wanted to try them out so I bought a set. When I got them they were the wrong size and when I spoke to customer care they told me that I chose an incorrect size (like I randomly chose a size when I used their size chart) I am not jumping correctly and on top of that told me that because I was wearing shoes they made me taller and bumped me from the size group. I was so furious like seriously how tall do they think my shoes are and they dont put that into consideration when recommending the sizes when in the first place you are not supposed to jump without shoes on. They then told me to send them for returns and to pay for it myself. So I paid all this money for 2 ropes, was recommended the wrong size, have to pay for return on top of that and cant imagine how much these 2 ropes will cost me in the end. Even if they are said to last long , whats the point if they cant take care of their customers with how much they are paying for these ropes cause they aint cheap? My advice dont bother. Waste of money and time and shity support.

Review for GET FIT (2020)

I bought these ropes as my first proper jump rope set, hoping to use them regularly to boost my fitness and strength. The problem I have now is, I go to bed wanting to hurry up and get back to my ropes on the morning! I love both sets, as they give me different and effective workout capabilities. The strong ropes are tough, so you do feel the muscles pulsating! The fit ropes are great to get me going! Definitely one of the best investments I’ve made in my health and fitness! Well worth the outlay for superb ropes!

Review for GET LEAN (2020)

HIGHLY recommend Crossrope’s jump ropes!! 100% worth it.
I purchased their Get Lean set recently – only started learning how to jump rope.
I’m amazed by my progress so far. This is a COMPLETELY different jump rope experience to what normal skipping ropes feel like. I feel as though I am able to jump rope with ease, without the frustration that I used to feel when I was younger using cheap ropes. I feel as though I am getting stronger too.
The price is worth it – for those not sure of whether to just get a smaller set (Get Lean or Get Strong set), I’d recommend getting the Get Fit set instead (i.e. both the Get Lean and the Get Strong sets). It’s definitely worth getting both.
As for customer service, I am very impressed with how my purchases have been processed. Amazingly quick. The Crossrope Australia staff are great to deal with and have helped me by answering my questions I had about crossrope.
Download the Crossrope app – the workouts are fantastic. Keeping me motivated to stay fit during the self-isolation that’s required during this COVID-19 crisis. Feeling as though I’m in better shape now using the crossrope jump ropes! My extended family is now interested in the jump ropes too.
Also would advise new jump rope customers to look up youtubers like the Jump Rope Dudes and Jump 15 – they give great advice for beginners

Review for GET LEAN (2020)

The day I received the get lean set in the mail I was super excited to try it out and start following the app challenges, as written this I am currently working my way through the 14 Day Challenge.. at first I thought I may struggle with the weighted rope (white rope) but I felt I had lot more control and when switching from the white to the green rope with ease .. the green feels lighter then before… I enjoy how the app layout is and simple to use. It’s worth it 🙂

Review for GET LEAN (2020)

Amazing jump rope, love getting 2 different weight ropes, makes it SO much easier to perfect my technique and get a decent workout. Highly recommended.

Review for Ultra Heavy LE Set

Apologies I meant crossrope Australia

Review for Ultra Heavy LE Set

Well I just started with the four pounder as part of my new fitness program so now I use between the half pound through to the four pounds jump rope and I have to say I love it and they cane me soon the five pounder will join the program and that will be awesome this is my challenge for this year 2020along with my gym ring workouts . The quality of these new additional jump ropes are super quality and already have people curious about them so will definitely pass the word on for cross ropes Australia to expand the new mode. Eventually I will upgrade from my first generation jump ropes to the newer style but for now the older generation ones are holding out perfectly,so cheers to you at jump rope Australian..

Review for POWER HANDLES (2020)

Love the new handles! Smooth & no more clicking! Crossropes are the best, excellent quality & customer service!

Review for GET LEAN (2020)

happy but product overpriced

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