1/4 Lb Agility Rope

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The Crossrope Agility cable may be the most versatile jump rope in the Crossrope series.  As a rope that is 2 to 3 times the weight of a standard speed rope, it can be utilized to condition a higher level of endurance wherever you train.  This is a favored rope among beginners because it provides great feedback and enhances the ability to learn proper jump rope rhythm and timing.  (Real light ropes are very difficult for beginners to learn on)  It’s the most flexible rope in the Crossrope series, perfect for freestyle and crossing moves.

  • 1/4 Lb black thicker PVC coated steel.
  • For use with Crossrope Rugged Handles.
  • Does not include handles.  Can be purchased with Rugged Handles or as part of the Start, Plus and Premium Sets.
  • Versatile, all-surface rope can be used anywhere.
  • Perfect for beginners because of a heavier feel that promotes learning rhythm and timing in your jump rope training.
  • Great option for intermediate and advanced jumpers looking for a freestyle or double under training rope.

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Reviews for Premium Set

Great product, drastically improved my ability to jump more from beginners to intermediate. Great service from Crossfire Australia rep.

Great product, great service. Thank you

Reviews for Starter Set

Fantastic service! Needed to exchange my product and it was dealt with fantastic by JP.

I received my skipping ropes about a month ago and what a difference these ropes make!! I took part in a skipathon last month and my crossrope skipping rope just made the experience a lot more enjoyable.



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