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get strong
get strong
weighted skipping rope

Get Strong Set

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The Get Strong Weighted Skipping Rope Set has been designed specifically for your strength goals and general fitness needs. Get Strong includes the all-new Power Handles along with the 1 LB and 2 LB Infinity Ropes.

Read more about the products below or find your size using our size chart. Then, simply choose your size and purchase. We deliver all over Australia and New Zealand for a low flat fee and offer a free exchange policy if you choose the wrong size.


The Next Generation Weighted Skipping Rope System has been designed specifically for improving fitness and strength, along with quickly enhancing your skipping rope technique.

The all-new Power Handles have been upgraded with Ceramic Ball Bearings & a new Durable Coating has been used for the 1Lb and 2Lb adjustable ropes, so they can be used outdoors. A brand new connection between the handles and ropes makes for a smoother transition than you may have been used to with the original Crossrope products.

The new Get Strong Set by Crossrope is the only Weighted Skipping Rope System you need to get your strength training on track.

The set includes the completely redesigned Power Handles, 1 LB Infinity Rope, and 2 LB Infinity Rope. (Note – these are not compatible with the First Generation Crossrope Products)

Summary of the Next Gen. Infinity improvements from the First Generation products:

  • New ceramic ball bearings
  • New connection to the handles and skipping ropes
  • Upgraded coating to provide more protection from abrasive surfaces
  • New grip material on the handles.


Want to some benefits of Weighted Skipping Ropes? How about:

  • Using Weighted Skipping Ropes can burn more than double the calories of other cardio based equipment!
  • You’ll improve your skipping technique faster, with increased feedback from the rope.
  • Increased resistance = Increased muscle engagement
  • Don’t settle for one standard rope weight. Variety is the spice of life!
  • Check out this video from our friends The Jump Rope Dudes.


Choosing Your Ideal Crossrope Size

Sizing Notes: This chart gives a general estimate of recommended size based on user height. Experienced jumpers often prefer a size down than what is recommended below. If you have an old rope measure that for reference. User Height Recommended Crossrope Size Up to 5’2.5” (1.59m) Small – 8’0” (2.44m) 5’3” to 5’9” (1.60 to 1.75m) Medium – 8’6” (2.59m) 5’9.5” to 6’2” (1.76-­‐1.88m) Large – 9’0” (2.74m) 6’2.5” and up (1.89+ m) Extra Large – 9’9” (2.97m)  Extra Large – 9’9″ 6’3.5″ and up


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