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Sizing Chart

Sizing is one of the most important factors when choosing the best Crossrope for you, especially if you are a beginner. If the cable is too short, your feet may get caught up when you jump, and if the cable is too long, it may drag and there will be problems with the rotations.

For the most effective training, the right length of cable that matches your height will help a great deal. When calculating the best size, you must think about height, experience and arm position.

You can use our Crossrope sizing chart below to find the best size recommended in relation to your height. To find the right size for you, choose your height and you will find your recommended Crossrope size.

Sizing Notes: This chart gives a general estimate of recommended size based on user height. Please use the sizing chart for the best Crossrope results.

Experienced jumpers often prefer a size down than what is recommended below. If you have an old rope measure that for reference.

User Height

Recommended Crossrope Size

Up to 5’2.5” (1.59m) Small – 8’0” (2.44m)
5’3” to 5’9” (1.60 to 1.75m) Medium – 8’6” (2.59m)
5’9.5” to 6’2” (1.76-­‐1.88m) Large – 9’0” (2.74m)
6’2.5” and up (1.89+ m) Extra Large – 9’9” (2.97m)

Most beginners prefer a longer rope as it will go slower as you jump, and is primarily easier to use. If this sounds like something for you then we suggest you find your rope size dependent on your height then go up one size.

Experienced jumpers generally prefer a shorter cable for speed jumping, if this is what you need then go down one size from your recommended size in relation to your height.

As well as your height, you must also take in to account your jumping technique and experience. If you jump with your arms in a wide position, or you prefer a longer rope, it is recommended to go up a size in length, as a wide arm jumping position will shorten the effective length of the rope. If you jump with narrow arms you can go down a size as less length is required.

If you are a total beginner to rope jumping and are not sure how you jump, just stick to the height section of the sizing chart and the recommended size, or Contact us we would be more than happy to help.

Once you have your size sorted, you can then go on to think about which cables or combo sets you want to order. We have a variety of sets which we have put together for specific training types, such as the Crossrope Burn Set which is great for beginners and contains the high performance Intensity Cable, and the heavier Agility Cable. We also have the Crossrope 2.0 Complete Set which has all 7 Crossrope cables, and both the Quick handles and the Rugged handles. You can use the lighter cables for cardio training and speed jumping, and the heavier ropes for upper body strength and conditioning. We do also sell single ropes and handles so you can design your own combo sets with what is good for you.

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