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  • How Often Should You Jump Rope Each Week? Answered.

    Do you know how often you should be jumping rope each week? If you’re like many of the jumpers we speak to on a daily basis, it’s a question that comes up often. But it’s one of great importance because how often you jump not only has an impact on your results, but it plays a key factor when it …

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  • The Perfect Beginner Jump Rope Workout Routine

    Today we’re excited to bring you the perfect beginner jump rope workout routine. If you’re just getting started with your jump rope training journey… …or if you just got your Crossrope set and you’re wondering what jump rope workout routine to try, then this simple 10 minute jump rope workout is perfect for you. You’ll learn what exercises …

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  • Jump Rope Partner Workout: Combo Tabata Workout

    Have a partner who loves high intensity training just as much as you do? Good, because today’s jump rope workout is all about combo Tabata training! Tabatas, as painful as they can be, can improve your fitness and enable you to burn MORE calories in less time than a 60 minute steady state workout. Plus it’s more fun. In …

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  • Jump Rope Partner Workout: Crossrope 300 Plus

    We’ve got another fun jump rope partner workout to share with you today. Today’s workout is called the Crossrope 300 Plus workout because it is built around the Crossrope Plus System. With your partner, you will be working through 1,200 gruelling jumps as fast as you can. This is one of the most fun and …

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  • 60 Jump Rope Songs for a Better Jump Rope Workout

    Need to get motivated for your next jump rope workout? Listen to up-beat jump rope songs. Studies refer to music as a ‘legal drug’ because of its ability to “reduce the perception of effort significantly” and increase endurance by as much as 15 percent. That’s pretty impressive. So to get you started, we’ve compiled a list of 60 jump rope …

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  • Jump Rope Partner Workout: Race For Time

    Since so many of you enjoyed our last partner workout, we put together another one for you! BUT in this workout you’re not working together, you’re competing AGAINST each other. This fun little jump rope competition is all about speed and endurance. It comprises of a sequence of bodyweight and jump rope exercises that you and …

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  • Jump Rope Partner Workout To Complete Together

    Want a fun and challenging workout to do with a partner? We’ve put together an awesome workout that you and a partner can complete together! In this high intensity workout, you and your partner get to choose the number of reps and the jump rope skill you want to do and complete it together as quickly as you …

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  • The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Jump Rope Training

    So you’re a jump rope beginner who wants to learn how to jump rope? Perfect. Because you’re in the right place. In fact, you’ve just stumbled across the complete jump rope training guide for beginners. Seriously. I’m about to show you everything you need to know to get started with your jump rope training, no matter what your …

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    It’s an oldie but a goodie.. Always nice to revisit recommendations, especially from publications like GQ. What they said “We’ve long known the benefit of jumping rope when it comes to increased cardio and fat burning but this takes it to 
a whole new level. Unlike standard skipping ropes, the CrossRope system allows you to …

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  • jumping rope vs running

    Jumping Rope vs Running – An In-depth Review

    In today’s post, I’m going to dig into some of the differences between jumping rope vs running. I’ll cover a few scenarios where you might find jumping rope to be the better option. There’s something unique about a runner’s high. There’s not much better than a sense of accomplishment from running further and faster than the day before. But what do you do when running isn’t …

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